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Sunyu Establishes Training Base for Graduate Students with NUAA Graduate School
Tian Lipu, Director of the State Intellectual Property Office, Visits Sunyu
2012 International Corporate Intellectual Property Practices Convention a Success
German Patent Firm Beetz & Partner Visited Sunyu
Mayor Joe Fontana, of London, Ontario, Canada, Visits Sunyu Infotech
Sunyu Is One of China's Top 100 Emerging Service Providers
German Youth Delegation Visits Sunyu
Sunyu Donates to Japanese Earthquake Relief Efforts
Sunyu Invited to Offer Practical Translation Courses at Nanjing Normal University
Sunyu Invited to "Welcome YOG, Participate in YOG-Olympic Flag Jianye Relay-Flag Welcome from the New Town Science and Technology Park" Activity

Patent Translation
Sunyu is China's leading intellectual property support service provider, and specializes in translating patent (patent specifications, claims, OA, patent publications, patent office correspondence, etc.) and other IP-related documents.

Localization requires not only strong translation skills and technical support, but also an in-depth understanding of the target language and local culture. We offer customized multilingual solutions for a wide range of industries.

Market Research
Sunyu provides custom research for patents, science and technology literature, legal information, and more.

Technical Documentation
Sunyu, in partnership with the world's leading technical documentation service provider, Tedopres International, offers professional technical documentation and related services.

Industrial / Commercial Translation
Sunyu can translate a variety of documents for numerous industrial and commercial fields. Our clients represent a wide spectrum of business sectors.

Sunyu provides professional interpretation services for international communication, including business negotiations, technical workshops, seminars, trade shows, sightseeing, and the like.

    Why Choose Us  
In-house Translators

Sunyu employs over 400 translators and several patent agents, of whom more than 70% have earned a Master's degree or above. Most of our translators have already acquired solid technical backgrounds and extensive field experience before joining Sunyu.

Practical Experience

Sunyu has engaged in patent-related services for over ten years. In particular, we specialize in the multilingual translation of PCT documents. On average, we are able to handle the translation of over 10,000 PCT and OA cases every year. Over the years, we have translated more than 1.2 billion words.

Strict Confidentiality

Sunyu adheres to strict confidentiality policies and is committed to achieving complete document security.

Advanced Technical Support

Sunyu has developed its own information management system, computer-assisted translation (CAT) software, and a patent database to facilitate interaction between departments, improve the productivity of existing office procedures, and guarantee the confidentiality of all information that we receive from our clients.

Translation SOP

At Sunyu, quality control (QC) is an important aspect of the entire work process. We have established a clear and systematic set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the successful implementation of our QC procedures.

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